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High-quality drivers typically have a cancellation rate lower than 5 percent.

“Each city has a maximum cancellation rate, based on the average cancellation rate of drivers in that area.

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Some key issue areas in which recipients have Title IX obligations are: recruitment, admissions, and counseling; financial assistance; athletics; sex-based harassment; treatment of pregnant and parenting students; discipline; single-sex education; and employment.

Also, a recipient may not retaliate against any person for opposing an unlawful educational practice or policy, or made charges, testified or participated in any complaint action under Title IX.

A Nitro, West Virginia, man allegedly admitted to a date rape during an interview for a probation officer job. The “We knew we had to do something, we couldn’t just let this go,” South Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Pat Rader told WCHS.

WHCS reported that Tyler Ray Price, 21, is facing second-degree sexual assault charges after confessing to the crime during a pre-employment interview with the South Charleston Police Department. Two weeks later, police interviewed the woman who said she didn’t consent to sex and had no memory of the incident or being taped, according to the SCPD arrests Tyler Price for sexual assault.

OCR’s Enforcement of Title IX OCR vigorously enforces Title IX to ensure that institutions that receive federal financial assistance from ED comply with the law.

OCR evaluates, investigates, and resolves complaints alleging sex discrimination.OCR also conducts proactive investigations, called compliance reviews, to examine potential systemic violations based on sources of information other than complaints.In addition to its enforcement activities, OCR provides technical assistance and information and guidance to schools, universities and other agencies to assist them in voluntarily complying with the law.“We always want to ensure we have the right people,” Lt. “We had got to know him a bit and it only when he came for an interview that it all went bad.” Price was charged on Monday and is being held at the South Central Regional Jail on a ,000 surety bond.The 21-year-old faces 25 years behind bars if convicted.OCR’s Title IX Resource Guide PDF (501K) is a useful tool for schools and their Title IX coordinators to understand schools’ obligations under Title IX.


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