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Can women beat men at their own game if we want to? But the question we have to ask ourselves is, do we want to? put it: “My whole life is an attempt to figure out what, in the core of myself, I actually like versus what I want to hear from other people, or wanting to look a certain way to get attention.And part of me feels cheated out of my own well-being because of that.”We owe it to ourselves to ask these questions.

There are many possible exceptions, of course, but looking at the trends and research about male/female differences, this seems much more likely than the theory that women’s deepest desire is to have the frequent, no-strings-attached, often anonymous sex we see in the hookup culture.

Evolution theory tells us that women generally seek long-term relationship security in a mate.

What are they seeking, and are they going the best route to achieve it?

These, to me, would be much more telling than rushing to assume that all women want is an orgasm.

And I couldn’t help but be reminded of it when a friend of mine recently said, “Girls, more so than guys, are the ones being sexually aggressive these days.”My friend in question went on to suggest that women, more than men, are the impetus for much of the casual sex happening today—and that this is a good thing.

Where men have perhaps always felt free to approach sex openly, women writing their own sexual narrative still feels a bit novel.

This summer marks the eighteenth anniversary of an HBO show premiere that would go on to have an impressive six-season run and an even more notable impact on many generations of women.

Yes, I’m talking about was the larger-than-life story of four women living, working, shopping, and falling in and out of love (or at least having lots of sex) in Manhattan.

In the short term, the surest way to a man’s attention is through sex appeal. In a study where men and women were propositioned for no-strings-attached sex on campus by an attractive member of the opposite sex, 100 percent of female participants declined this offer, and about 75 percent of men were eager to accept.

So women are clearly pickier in their sexual partners and experiences.

But that might be harder to come by thanks to reports last year showing that not only is there a male shortage in most of the Western world, but there’s also an “eligible male” shortage.


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